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New School Year 2021-22

A reminder to parents/guardians that the new school year commences on Wednesday, August 25th. We look forward to welcoming our students back for the new school year.

The schedule for Year Group assemblies and book collection is as follows:

1st Years (August 25th @ 8:50am);

2nd Years (August 25th @ 11:00am);

3rd Years (August 26th @ 8:50am);

Transition Years (August 26th @ 11:00am);

5th Years (August 27th @ 8:50am);

6th Years (August 27th @ 11:00am).

Please note that the school will continue to adhere to all public health guidance in relation to preventing the transmission of Covid-19.

The Department of Education has prepared guidance for parents/guardians on issues relating to a return to school. The nature of the guidance and the appropriate links are listed below:

  1. Video advice for parents and students at different levels
  2. Posters/graphics advice for parents
  3. Multilingual advice for parents
  4. Communications to Parents regarding School Transport – SEN and Post Primary
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